Nyando is an area perennially susceptible to floods and grapples with the recurrent challenges posed by the floods, significantly impacting the lives of its residents. Among those direly affected are persons with disabilities, for whom the consequences are even more pronounced.

The recent surge in floods, for instance, has posed a formidable barrier to education, making it exceedingly difficult for students and pupils to resume their studies. We have been in Nyando over the last year and wil return this year, thanks to our project in the area -"Inclsuive Climate Change Adaptation". This project focuses on ensuring that persons with disabilities adapt to climate change and are subsequently able to continue with their day to day lives. "This is achieved through a comprehensive series of workshops and training sessions aimed at providing practical skills and knowledge. The pivotal focus is on ensuring the safety and protection of persons with disabilities from the impacts of climate change in Nyando.

A distinctive feature of the project is its inclusive approach, fostering collaboration between individuals with disabilities and those without within the community. This collaborative effort underscores the significance of collective action, recognizing and valuing the contributions of all community members. By adopting an inclusive methodology, the project aims to create a more cohesive and resilient community that collectively addresses the challenges posed by climate change.

The recent difficulties faced by pupils and students in Nyando due to the floods highlight the urgency and importance of initiatives such as the "Inclusive Climate Change Adaptation "The disruptions caused by the floods extend beyond mere inconvenience, affecting the very fabric of education in the region. As schools become inaccessible and transportation becomes treacherous, the right to education is compromised for many, with persons with disabilities facing additional hurdles in accessing educational facilities.

ANDY's ongoing commitment to this project signifies a continued dedication to the well-being of the Nyando community. Particularly for children and persons with disabilities, the initiative aims to provide essential support to help them navigate and adapt to extreme weather conditions like floods. The focus is not only on immediate relief but also on building long-term resilience through imparting skills and knowledge that empower individuals to handle the challenges posed by climate change.

By addressing the specific needs of persons with disabilities, our project acknowledges the diverse challenges faced by different segments of the community. It recognizes the importance of tailoring solutions that consider the unique vulnerabilities and strengths of individuals, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive despite the adversities posed by climate change.

As the project returns for its second leg, the collaborative efforts of ANDY and the community in Nyando continue to make strides in creating a more resilient and inclusive society. By focusing on empowering individuals with disabilities and ensuring their active participation in climate change adaptation, the project sets a precedent for holistic and sustainable approaches to addressing the challenges posed by environmental changes.

Nyando's vulnerability to floods underscores the critical need for targeted initiatives. The recent hindrances to education caused by floods serve as a constant reminder of the urgency to address the broader implications of climate change on communities. Through collaborative and inclusive efforts, the project strives to build a community that not only weathers the storms brought about by climate change but emerges stronger and more resilient.