Empowering Nyando: A Comprehensive Approach to Climate Resilience and Inclusive Development

In collaboration with Forum CIV, ANDY is leading a groundbreaking initiative in Nyando Sub-County, Kisumu County, with a primary focus on equipping all members of the community, including those with disabilities, to effectively navigate the challenges brought about by climate change. This ambitious project is designed to strengthen community bonds, empower individuals, and enhance resilience, thereby ensuring everyone's ability to protect themselves and their rights in the face of environmental and socio-economic challenges.

Let's delve deeper into the various components of our initiative:

Firstly, through targeted training sessions, we are educating 30 women and men on a wide array of techniques for recognizing early warning signs of disasters and preparing adequately for them. Our approach integrates both modern methodologies and time-honored traditional practices passed down through generations.

Moreover, we are facilitating regular community dialogues to foster discussions aimed at propagating community resilience against the impacts of climate change. These dialogues provide a platform for exploring strategies for environmental preservation and improved management of natural resources, ensuring that communities are better equipped to adapt and respond to changing conditions.

A trainer training participants of our project in Nyando

Additionally, our organization of community forums serves as another vital aspect of our initiative. These forums offer individuals the opportunity to gain knowledge about environmental conservation, disaster preparedness, and early warning mechanisms, empowering them with the tools and information needed to identify warning signs promptly and take proactive measures to mitigate risks.

In line with our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are supporting 100 households annually by providing them with 25 tree seedlings each. This initiative aims to foster the growth of small-scale forests around homes, not only benefiting the environment but also providing valuable resources for the local community.

Furthermore, our advocacy efforts involve engaging with local government and relevant ministries to advocate for the prioritization of environmental conservation and the establishment of technical working groups focused on environmental protection. Through lobbying and advocacy, we aim to ensure that environmental concerns remain at the forefront of policy discussions and decision-making processes.

A trainer training participants of Nyando project

In addition to environmental initiatives, we are also focused on economic empowerment. By providing business training to 30 women and youth with disabilities, we are equipping them with essential skills in financial management, business administration, and accessing government procurement opportunities. This initiative aims to foster economic empowerment and create pathways to financial independence.

Moreover, we are providing alternative livelihood training to 20 individuals with disabilities, including women, men, and youth. This training enables them to explore diverse avenues for sustainable income generation and access government funds allocated for community development, further enhancing their economic prospects and resilience.

In essence, our end game is to ensure that every individual in Nyando Sub-County is prepared to confront the challenges posed by climate change. Through our multifaceted approach, we are empowering communities, particularly those with disabilities, to build a resilient and inclusive future for all.