The SLIDE 2 Project, empowers young women with disabilities in Kenya. Targeting the Kenya sitting volleyball team, the project focuses on women aged 24-35 in Kenya. SLIDE 2 combines sitting volleyball training, digital literacy, entrepreneurship training, volleyball tournaments, coach training, and media advocacy sessions to enhance the participants' personal and professional growth and support their economic empowerment.


Sports-Based Empowerment.

The primary aim of the Sports-Based Empowerment approach within the SLIDE 2 Project is to harness the transformative power of sports, particularly sitting volleyball, to improve the overall well-being and livelihoods of young women with disabilities. Through participation in sports activities, participants will not only experience physical and mental health benefits but also gain valuable life skills and opportunities for economic empowerment.


Digital Literacy and Entrepreneurship Training.

Digital literacy is crucial in today's interconnected world, and the SLIDE 2 Project recognizes its importance in empowering young women with disabilities. The objective is to provide participants with a solid foundation in digital skills, enabling them to navigate and utilize technology effectively for personal and professional purposes.


Vocational Training and Skill Development.

Vocational Training and Skill Development approach within the SLIDE 2 Project is to equip participants with practical and market-relevant skills that will enhance their prospects for employment and economic stability. By providing targeted vocational training, the project aims to empower young women with disabilities to access meaningful and sustainable livelihood opportunities, thereby improving their overall quality of life.

Jane Ndenga, a passionate Para Athlete and esteemed board member of the Kenya Paralympics Committee, unveils the transformative impact of the SLIDE 2 Project. In this compelling video, Jane shares her insights into how SLIDE 2 is revolutionizing the lives of young women with disabilities through the power of sports and vocational training.