Jane Ndenga

Board Chair

Jane Ndenga is the esteemed Chairperson of the Board at ANDY, bringing her wealth of experience and dedication to this role. With a distinguished background in [relevant industry or field], Jane has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and a steadfast commitment to promoting disability rights and inclusion.

Alan Herbert

Vice Chair

Alan Herbert is a highly accomplished and dedicated individual who assumes the crucial role of Finance Lead on ANDY's Board. With a remarkable background in finance and a track record of excellence in [relevant industry or field], Alan brings a wealth of expertise to this position.

Elizabeth Mangeni

Board Member

Elizabeth Mangeni is a distinguished policy expert in trade and a pivotal member of ANDY's Board. With an illustrious career marked by profound knowledge and experience in international trade policy, Elizabeth brings a unique perspective to our organization.

Stanley Mutuma

Board Member

Stanley Mutuma, a distinguished disability rights activist and lawyer whose unwavering dedication has reshaped the landscape of inclusivity in Kenya and beyond. He is the current Chairperson of the Kenya National Paralympic Committee.